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How does Sagecoins differ from a digital currency exchange?

Does Sagecoins hold digital currency?

How can I use my digital currency?

How fast can I expect a response from customer success?


Which digital currencies do you support?

I have a question about my gift card transaction.


Is there a holding period for transactions?

How can I verify my order has gone through?

Where can I see my order history?

Is there a minimum order amount?

Is there a maximum order amount?

Can I cancel my order at any time and get a refund?

Account Sign-up and Verification

I uploaded my documents. Is my account verified now?

How can I confirm my account has been verified?

Where do I upload my documents for verification?

What documents do I need to open an account?

Am I eligible to create an account?

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you offer?

What is Flexepin?

How do I buy with Flexepin?

Does Sagecoins have any fees?


Where can I find out more about digital currency?